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20 Minutes – It's the most popular Swiss Start-ups

Essen, Trinken and Liebische Bedrifts serve the most popular Swiss Start-ups. The study shows a study that has been carried out by the Umbrella Institute Market Partner for Communication. For this study, start-up companies were investigated, which were founded in the past few years.


Swiss Start-ups …

On the podest countries that Brauerei Doppelleu, Sextoy-Shop Amorana and Online Farmy Market. The complete top 15 of the Swiss start-ups are found in the Bildstrecke oben

For the Swiss Virgin Islands, the large success factor said not to be the product itself, it is mentioned in the communication of rod communication. In fact, when there were 50 companies under investigation, the product was indeed interested in interest, but hardly anyone knew it.

Outcast said for sunny companies that they could be seen visibly. At the end of this study, every fifth (22%) of the approximately 1

,000 freighters in Switzerland will be entertained by family or friends on new businesses. Darauf follows classic adaptation in TV shows or on posters (21%). Functional to low-performance thin-line enhancement: 18% jumped in, triggered by start-ups,

Start-up products or services were particularly appreciated by your consumers, who say this. Particularly, the Shopping App Bringing Personnel Brokerages, the Power-Banking Chimpy, and the Realfox Flatfox portal are among 30-year-olds. Exception is the Journalism-Start-up Republic, which is used more than 50 years ago,


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