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20 minutes – "It will be scarce with the takeover of UPC"

They stand briefly for the most important deal of your career: the takeover of UPC. Next week the General Assembly decides. Are you nervous?

Of course I'm nervous, but less for me personally than for Sunrise. The takeover is for the company and for Switzerland of strategic significance. The purchase provides the possibility of providing 90% of the Swiss household with fast internet access of 1 Gbit / s.

Were the last weeks the hardest tests in your CEO-Leben?

No, that's not so. Hart is for me that many false facts have been transported. The large shareholder Freenet speaks out against the UPC takeover, because it has the intention to improve its own finances. Freenet did not have a target for the Swiss telecom market. We have a plan in place, with UPC.

Then, since you were last assigned from wholesale to wholesale to work for the deal?

I have met over 200 investors on multiple continents since March. It was bone work. These long-term investors understand our plan. Activist investors, who are only short-term profits, speculate on the General Assembly's decision and are not really interested in Sunrise.

Have you ever met critical Freenet boss Christoph Vilanek this week?

There was no conversation anymore. It is amazing that Freenet, who sits with our board of directors, was the same as diesel investors. Only Freenet had the UPC deal badly missed. So I haven't experienced it in my career yet. The fact that Freenet is running a campaign, played directly on current management, is already disappointing.

The purchase price for UPC amounts to 6.3 billion. Franks and being judged by critics as too high. Have you even tried to push the price yet?

No, we didn't. The price is fixed. We have to sign the contracts. Furthermore, the UPC business runs better than expected and the synergies are higher. The price has even gotten better. Also, our goodies say: The price is right.

On Monday it was announced that UPC owner Liberty Global with 500 million francs involved in the capital increase needed for the purchase: Did you have to pay money?

No. Our President Peter Kurer has had discussions with Liberty Global Chief Mike Fries again and again. With the decision to invest at Sunrise, Liberty Global emphasizes that it believes in the benefits of the takeover and the new Sunrise.

When making the UPC takeover: Can Sunrise finally attack Swisscom?

For those customers we were launching as many new TV or Internet offers as possible. In addition, we shorten 90 percent of the Swiss household with fast 1

Gbit / s broadband connections. Currently, Swisscom pays 120 million francs annually for the use of the Internet infrastructure. If that falls away, we can challenge Swisscom more strongly with Prussia.

A provider less able could also drive at higher prices, since the competition is abysmal …

Davon is not a sucker. The competition authorities have been analyzing this question for five months and giving the assumption green light and no charges. After the competition we remain number two and have the ambition to gain market share.


Did you hear of the UPC takeover by Sunrise?

Sunrise CEO Olaf Swantee said: "It would be important for the policy to finally support and help convey the correct facts to 5G." The 5G standard has nothing to do with experimental frequencies and dying birds. "Mich is annoyed that we are getting little support from politics." If you have anxiety about radiation, you should first turn off your own smartphone.


Plant Sunrise, naming UPC die?

The company UPC Liberty Global then calls Sunrise on December 1st. How long we still carry the name UPC on products is open. The long-term goal is for us to put on a brand.

Would you like to see the deal come this Wednesday?

I would like to spend a few days with my family in the mountains. The last time was very hectic. For a long time, the time would not be long enough: It is too much to worry about.

And was it when the deal was sent back to the General Assembly: Will you retire? However, as CEO, I have a Plan A and are fighting for it. I don't think about it, a devotion to my job was meant.

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