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20 minutes – It is not normally at all what happens "up there"

At the end of June, the climber instructed Bryan Mestre in the Mont-Blanc area. He shot a photo that later made the rounds on the Internet. It shows a mountain lake, which should not be there. With "Tages-Anzeiger", the 24-year-old talked about why he was so worried about his vision.


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It is not at all normal what happened "up there". "The limit for zero limits is about 3000 meters in June and July. When I took the picture it had moved to over 4,700 meters, he says. Because Mont Blanc is 4810 meters high, it means that the snow line was almost as high as the highest mountain in the area

"The climate is completely confused"

Therefore, the lake at 3000 meters altitude was Dent du Géant in the first place, it was between 20 and 30 meters long, which was possible because it had been very hot for two weeks. At this altitude you have measured about 20 degrees. The stone had warmed up a lot, the heat got stuck and the glacier had melted. "" Last winter was very fun, "says Mestre. remember that I was still in the mountains at the end of May. At night, at an altitude of 2500 meters, fell over a meter of fresh snow. Absolutely untypical. And four weeks later, I discover the lake. The climate is completely confused. »

Water can become dangerous

Meanwhile, the lake has disappeared again. The water has been sighted under the glacier, according to Mestre. There it collects and over the years the pressure increases. This can be dangerous if it eventually blows up the glacier and a tidal wave dares into the valley.

Below is the Italian city of Courmayeur. "The authorities have decided to dig a second lake and pump excess water there. But as far as I know nothing has happened," says the climber.

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