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20 minutes – "Is the prosecutor nice, everything is ready in March"

Rapper Loredana Zefi leads a turbulent life: Last Sunday, the Lucerne-born girl with Albanian roots was honored as the best Swiss artist at the MTV Europe Music Awards. She has been single since her husband Mozzik broke up a few weeks ago. Her daughter Hana turns one year in December. Only in September did she release her first LP "King Lori". Her videos are clicked millions of times on Youtube, followed on Instagram by the rapper over two million people.


What is your favorite song by Loredana?

"When are you going to sleep?" Asked music editor Lukie Wyniger in an exclusive interview on "SRF Virus". Loredana replies: "On the highway." Then she makes it clear: "You musicians usually have three months to do a lot, and then you're home for three months, cool off." To her ex-husband Mozzik ̵

1; the father of Hana – she has a friendly but limited contact, Loredana admits.

As a 19-year-old, she moved out of her parents' home in Emmenbrücke, says Loredana. First to Lucerne, recently she moved to Zurich. In Emmenbrücke she is still often, finally there is her favorite restaurant. But they do not want to move to Germany, she stresses. "I think I would leave Switzerland for nothing."

Her success as a musician and her investigation into fraud (she has the presumption of innocence) have led many haters to the stage. "I don't take it seriously," Loredana said. "As long as the state is nice and good-natured and gives me what I deserve, I'm happy."

The rapper takes an hour every night to read the comments on Insta. Insults are then erased, unpleasant followers are blocked, she says.

At age 18, she began to create music. Originally for others, then for himself. The breakthrough came with the song "Sunglasses". Today she writes the lyrics for about 70 percent of an album, the rest comes from her producer Macloud, she says.

The Swiss music scene doesn't know her well, admits Loredana. She likes Bligg and EAZ, XEN or Baba Uslander. Lo & Leduc tells her absolutely nothing. But she is a big fan of Justin Bieber, explains the singer in Lucerne to the presenter's surprise.

The rapper regrets that last summer she had to cancel her participation in Frauenfeld Open Air, "because we Swiss artists are always at festivals" On the other hand, she was happy "because then I had a total chaos in Switzerland." But she reveals that she will perform at Open Air Frauenfeld next year.

She wants the chaos in Switzerland to be finally over, Loredana explains. When asked when one expects: "If the prosecutor is nice, he will quit sometime in March. I hope so."

Loredana sees himself neither as a role model to the boys nor as an influencer. Money is important to the rapper. "I spend 20 percent of what I earn," she says. 80 percent put her on the side to secure her daughter's future. Above all, Loredana wants to prevent her daughter from finding a man who has a lot of money. "In Switzerland everyone finds his way, but only if he has money," says the musician.

She herself releases money, which is common in the rapper scene, admits Loredana. But she does not understand why people understand this as a provocation. She has always struggled to be down to earth. "That's why I've created a child so I'm not cocky," says the 24-year-old.


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