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20 minutes – In November, the Tesla pickup arrives

Is Tesla a modern success story or a rather thoughtful airlock? If you take the stock price of the past month as a grading knife, read on to say: Even the contractors did not form a definitive opinion on this question. On and off at Tesla, there was no wonder when they were getting reports of disappointing quarterly payments, drastic savings measures, and then alternate to alternate unexpected good monthly sales. E-Pioneer Tesla Occasions as New?
Tesla becomes expensive (2)

Still stands: The E-Pioneer needs to bring volume to our people in order to achieve sustainable successful economies. The Model 3 was another major step in that direction, and soon followed with the midsize SUV Model Y (chosen in early 2020) next. The deal counts so right up the top should also abut the new Tesla pickup truck. There are great hopes in the home market, especially in the home market.

Term confirms

Inzwischen has also received the E-Truck and an official revelation period. In November, Elon Musk will present his new pickup. Already at the end of July, the voluntary Tesla CEO had announced the official presentation for September or October and then shifted it. Lastly, he announced in September, "most likely in November" for the anticipated presentation, with excitement. Inquire from users on Twitter recently confirmed to Tesla boss at least indirectly this term ("no change", no changes).

The astute answer fits the sparse information provided so far about Tesla's E-Truck. However, with US rival Rivian with his E-pickups always attracting more attention, Tesla has had a few more betrayals. It was announced that the vehicles were lying about a "Basic Porsche 911". Optically, you don't want to burn and protest anywhere, with a science-fiction classic «Blade Runner» inspired optics to put new futuristic mass sticks. Everything at a starting price, which at some point you want to start at Tesla who has never been – starts at under $ 50,000. While this is hardly the case for any version that can be used with the Porsche.

Competition for the F-150

On the Internet, there are also some studies here speculating on the look of Tesla's E-pickup. Officially, however, there is only one section, according to the Tesla CEO, that the Front should say. As a user asked via Twitter for the dimensions, Musk replied in usual strange ways: "There will be no herzy Gänseblümchenmobil, my lord! There is plenty of leadership to offer space to André the Giant (the deceased wrestler with giant worm; note ed.). ”

Musks reply says that the theme of a certain print will be accompanied. In fact, the pickup for Tesla in the USA is a very important product. Pickups can occupy one niche here, in the United States they are bestsellers. The Ford F-150 has been in America for years the best-selling car and worldwide one of the models, which is definitely seen with the highest share prices. No wonder at Tesla, therefore, the hope that the E-pickup will be taken care of for your volume, which Tesla urgently needs as a future wholesale manufacturer.


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