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20 minutes – How old is Bastian Yotta's new girlfriend really?

"I didn't plant it, I wasn't prepared. And then it just happened, ”commented Entrepreneur, Motivational Coach and ex-jungle camper Bastian Yotta (42 )'s latest Insta contribution. On the public snapshots, the 42-year-old shares in common with his new girlfriend Morisol Cortiz.


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Type: Install the latest version of the 20-minute app. On the Home screen, tap on the top right on the three bars, then on the gear. Under "Themes" you slide the Riegel to "People" to the right ̵

1; already running.

On Instagram, the 20-minute People Team is also on the way.

In Yotta's followers, the images of both fresh lovers look annoyed: They find that, compared to their friends, Morisol is extremely young.

"She looks like a 15-year-old," one user commented on the post. Another must say that his new girlfriend is "under 20". Yotta just read the comments and replied with "Thank you" – your age is not a good thing. Hering together. Das Liebes-Aus made it known via Instagram.

"I have given everything. I fought as a lion. If it is not said, it should not be said. Then you also have to have the eggs, to solve a theme, "it is in its Insta-story.

The dirt pictures with Morisol you can find in the video above. You also find out about the right age – even though she came up with the discussion, she has created clarity on Instagram.


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