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20 minutes – Here you can see the future in 20 minutes

In the spring of 2020, the entire digital world in 20 minutes will appear in a new look. We do not want to design this in the silent chamber, but to develop it together with society. Finally, you are the estimated 20-minute user who reads and interacts with our product on a daily basis.

We therefore launched a beta version of our new website on November 4. Here you can test them. The beta side is consciously not yet finished. We want to test it with you and improve it with your feedback. During the beta phase, for example, we will regularly introduce new features and ask the community what they think about it.

You have a unique opportunity to shape the future of Switzerland's largest news platform. Tell us honestly if you like the design and features, and let us know your wishes and input!

In a ticker, we will make transparent what feedback we have already implemented and what features are now available for testing.


9659002] . 1 On the beta side, a speech bubble appears at the bottom left. If you click on it, you can rate our new site directly. You can also submit detailed comments on each section of the site.

. 2 We will randomly show users a beta survey.

. 3 Of course, you can also send us an email: write us at [email protected]

No matter how you give us feedback – all feedback will help us. Thanks to the free login, we can evaluate the answers correctly. The goal is that together we develop new 20 minutes, which is also your 20 minutes. We are happy!

Curious? Click here for the 20 minute beta.

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