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20 minutes – Here 900 liters of wine swim in the Zurich Sea

A rapperswil-jona gives it a Swiss premiere since Friday. In the harbor, 900 liters of Johanniter wine in the Zurich Sea ripen in a specially constructed boje. According to a report by Rapperswil Zürichsee Tourism, the boy is named "Wellentänzer". Describing the name of Boje, this was until the flood on March 27, 2020.


Would you like to try this wine?

The moving Lagern von Weinen has a historical background. Louis Gaspard Estournel (1

753-1844) shipped wines to India. When this inquiry was satisfied in India, he had to return a part of the cargo. The wines are stamped with "R" for "Return of the Indes". Back in the homeland, the wines, because of their extraordinary aroma, demanded that they send all their wines on a ship voyage before they were sold.

A Boje full of wine thrives in the Zurich Sea

The idea behind the action is that the wine should not come to rest. Then a moving storage should further refine the aroma. As the yeast is thoroughly mixed, it distinguishes the taste in the wines stored in the cellar, it is called in the middle section.

Tasty embossing

In the wine world one speaks of "taste", the taste Embossing by region-typical peasants and petty climates. This thought inspired them, letting the wine in the middle of their tire, was imbued with the water. The title "Wellentänzer" also obtains a wine only when ripened in waters.

The wine originates from the Weingut Irsslinger from Wangen SZ. Austrian winemaker Fabian Sloboda has launched the winery, initiated and evaluated the project as a first partner in the professional world in 2017.

No recess

«140 days ago artificial energy is moving and tempering in the water surface, ”says Robert Irsslinger, owner of the winery. A recess of the wines on the sea floor is not a question. "The wine would be subjected to a constant temperature, motionless, hardly a difference to the cellar storage," said Irsslinger. These reservations are unrelated.


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