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20 minutes – Great octopus was discovered in the Gulf of Mexico

Shot from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico is a bit scary: they show how the ten arms of a giant squid suddenly come out of absolute darkness. The octopus was attracted by the so-called e-gel, an artificial jellyfish that has been attached to a remote-controlled submarine from the US Oceanography Agency NOAA. It quickly becomes clear to the giant octopus in the video that the e-gel is not edible, and it was gone as soon as it arrived.


Have you ever seen an octopus in the wild? [19659004] The meeting at the beginning of last week may have been short, for experts it is invaluable. For now, once a live giant octopus can be filmed. This was off the Japanese coast in 201


Surprised Squid

The current images are taken from a depth of 759 meters from a sample that is between 3 and 3.7 meters high. Edith Widder, who was already in the 2012 recording, commented on the pictures: "The most important thing is that we didn't see a monster here." The large octopus is large and especially unusual from a human perspective.

The video shows something, then the character of the animal. "It shows that the beast was surprised by its mistake and was interrupted after taking something that looked appealing first, but it was obviously not food," Aries says.

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