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20 minutes – foreigners should be allowed to be police

Anyone who wants to become a police officer in Zurich must be Swiss.


Should resident foreigners be allowed to perform armed service with the city police?

Three municipalities in Zurich shake this clause: Shaibal Roy (GLP), Marcel Bührig (Green) and Isabel Garcia (GLP). In a raid filed on Wednesday, they are demanding that the City Council approve established foreigners who are armed police with C-permits.

Reflects population diversity

Shaibal Roy, GLP politician and board member of Secondas Zurich, wants to join cutting of an "old braid" in the experiment. It was high time that the requirement for Swiss citizenship was lifted. "In a city of 32 percent foreigners, it is increasingly difficult to find arguments against the adoption of resident foreigners as armed police."

Roy says that it is natural and desirable for the population that the diversity of the population also in the public service. "It would also have a positive effect on field service in daily work," said GLP politicians.

"Policemen must be Swiss"

A completely different view is the SVP municipal council and the chair of the Commission for the Security Department Stephan Iten. "The police service has to be done by a Swiss," he says.

If a foreigner is interested in the police profession, he should be naturalized. "Naturalization is no longer an obstacle today," says Iten. The SVP politician says that he does not think a foreigner would do worse work. "But if legal requirements for the practice of a profession are set, you just have to comply with them. Swiss law must be enforced by a Swiss." As a police officer, you enforce the democratically established laws. Therefore, a police officer should also be able to participate in the legislative process itself. This is associated with citizenship, "says Vice President Martin Niederer.

In any case, it is true that foreigners with C-authorization have already been accepted into the application process for the police force in the city of Zurich." They have time to naturalize until they have completed his education. "

The security department in the city of Zurich does not want to comment on the activities of the municipal council. The city council is now recommending whether he recommends the incentive for adoption or not. Then the municipal council decides whether he wants to see the initiative implemented by the CEO.

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