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20 minutes – Federer conquerors reached mercy

There probably was never at the ATP final. When Alexander Zverev appeared after his great victory over Roger Federer (7: 5, 7: 6) for the space interview, he became excited. And the 21-year-old, an admirer Federer himself, was heartbreaked. What happened? At Federer 4: 3 in the tie break of the second set, the Swiss was good after the Strike Zverevs in the rally when it suddenly stopped playing. Did he think Federer's ball had been too long? Or had he been blinded by a lightning? No, a ballgirl had lost the ball in his field of view. A lucky chance for Zverev.

The judge decided that the rally was repeated, the German made an ace to 4: 4. The situation had obviously annoyed Federer more, at 4: 5 he took a simple volley, which was the difference in tiebreaker.

Zverev says sorry

"First and foremost, apologize to the audience for this strange situation," Zverev said in the interview. "But the rule is that you have to repeat the point if a ball child has lost the ball." But it was not enough for the audience, it was cooked on. And the interviewer felt compelled to regulate it.

Whistles against Zverev during the interview. Video: Tamedia / SRF

"I apologize to Roger online," continued Zverev. He said it was okay. I'm really sorry. I also realize that Roger has many fans here. He should. He has done so much for the sport that he would get the most fans around the world. "

If he is proud that he is the first German in the final of the ATP final in 22 years and Boris Becker, he asked the interview," Yes, I am very proud, "Zverev said. But he could not think of more. "Sorry again," he says, clearly confused. "I really did not want it to end like this." [19455912] Zverev uses his first matchball. Video: Tamedia / SRF


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