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20 minutes – "Decision counteracts e-athletes worldwide"

The e-sports and gamers community is currently criticizing game developers and publishers Blizzard. Now comes from even higher protest: The US Congress has taken a clear stance in the Shitstorm against Blizzard.


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In an open letter to Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, politicians demand a rethink of the previous suspension of professional players. Congress members see the decision as a threat to freedom of speech. "Your disappointing decision can be a deterrent to the e-sports and gaming community around the world," the letter states. Activision Blizzard benefits from the growing Chinese e-sports market. According to the US senators, it is a pity to put profit before freedom of speech, this does not correspond to the US values.

Protests planned off the internet

The stone that started the controversy was a tournament on Blizzard's Online Card Game "Hearthstone". Professional player Chung "Lightning" Ng Wai responded positively to the protests of Hong Kong people in an interview, shouting, "Free Hong Kong!"

As a result, Blizzard negotiated for a year and robbed him of all prize money. Since then, the US company has been criticized worldwide. E-athletes and fans condemn the decision on the Internet with the hashtag #boycottblizzard.

In response to the previous protests that Blizzard had mitigated the sentence, Blitzchung has only been detained for six months. For the US Congress and the fans, but not enough: At the upcoming Blizzcon, the internal gaming fair, more protests are planned as early as November.


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