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20 Minutes – Darum is the mysterious Savior

Fanar (33) said today that he would never be aware that he was becoming a 3-year-old boy. The child fell from young clotted soil in Laufen BL in the Birs, though some 50 meters of boots were thrown away. Thanks to the supreme Trade Fanars, the Child was brought to life with a fun atmosphere and fun insults.

About 20 minutes, 33-year-old painted that dramatic correction: "I was with my two children on the road to the sun. Wilt thou be frightened, would I still have some bites with their spiers? "He warns. Suddenly, besides a bridge, I took care of a wife: A small child said in the Birs. Everything went fast soon.

Signal children's überab in the Obhut of Woman and also Cinderella, Wallet and natel he was hand in the fluss. Without saying so good heathens would be likely to be pissed off for boys: "At least I am the boy's coat", recalls Fanar. The child is lying motionless in the water, the mouth and the eyes are off. The retention caused the water flow as a cousin, but most of the time the man contained mice, once said he was bitten. Still, there were 33-year-olds in the end, the child in the water.

«I thought eben, that my name would be gone»

Return to the country shade of the first aid Also, the Mother of the Child also collides with the Ambulance. But as soon as the helmet for the little ones had been set up, so soon he had disappeared too.

On Monday, the Baselbieter Police will announce on Facebook that some of them reported hats. On the question, did you say that after another rescue action so quickly, the double vater replied that if he wanted to bring his children to heart, he said: "My daughter hated the whole time about seven. I thought that my assignment would be well known and that those who were the others would grab the child. ”

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