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20 minutes – Customers storm Ikea because of Abloh collection

On Saturday, the furniture collection "Marked" went on sale in all Ikea branches of Switzerland. It is about a collaboration with internationally renowned artist, DJ, entrepreneur and label founder of Off-White, Virgil Abloh. The response to the assortment was very large.


Did you also agree to an Abloh section? round about ten seconds. Who reports to a reader about the newspaper, they should be able to have the most of the young customers who have actually shipped goods from each other hands. who dared not surpass the buyer. For example, only eight chairs from the collection could be purchased for example. In the carpets, the purchase limit was set at two, and at the headlamps it was similar.

In the USA these restrictions were even tougher. That is, the customers dare to buy only one product per head. In the UK, interested parties had to buy a ticket before the launch to be welded to the branches at all. It must have been assumed, however, that even with these precautions, the collection was soon sold out remotely.


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