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20 minutes – collision with bull – one dies in hospital

On Saturday, a dangerous meeting took place between a man and a bull at "Hinderen Bunder" alp in Adelboden BE: "For reasons that still have to be clarified, it had probably come into contact with the bull and the man. The 74-year-old crashed in the episode and are likely to have sustained the serious head injuries, "the police reported on Monday.

The man was seriously injured after the accident with a rescue helicopter flew directly to the hospital. Despite intensive care, the Swiss died on Monday at the hospital.

As the police say on request Bern, the bull lives on his Adelbodner pasture. "According to current clarifications, there is no evidence that the animal has acted aggressively against the man," said spokesman Dominik Jäggi. The bull had only slightly dampened the man, after which he fell hard on the ground. Further investigations, especially on the exact event and the circumstances of the events, are underway by the regional prosecutor Oberland.


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