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20 minutes – Child chase cayman with net

The fact that there should be a quay in the Hallwil lake gives bathers something to talk about: Everywhere at the lake view in the town of Mosen in Lucerne, visitors talk about the alleged alligator's observation.


Would you still be in Lake Hallwilsee swimming

Visitors puzzle over their origins

Bathers puzzles the origins of the reptile on the beach: "One wonders how such an animal can enter the Hallwil lake," wondering. The animal must have been abandoned.

"Caiman is a problem for many," says a kiosk employee. A guest told her that he had been touched by something while he was praying on the body. "I don't know if it's true," she says. "Sometimes, at such moments, the imagination goes with one."

Children looking for the animal

However, the bathing pass can ruin the smallest: is fungus and splashes in the lake, as a visual inspection on the spot shows. "I'm not really scared," one visitor says. "You swim through the water with a little feeling," she continues. "You don't take your eyes off the kids near the water, anyway," says one dad. "But now you're really a little more attentive."

Even many children are excited: "The children are very excited," says a woman at the campsite. For the little ones it is a special event: Several children searched for the reptile with a net in the beach area. Again and again, sounds like "Here's something!" However, the authorities recommend that you look for the quay: Whoever sees the animal should report to the police. Approaching the animal is not advisable. The police also advise against attempts to catch.

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