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20 minutes – Are nine toilets a week too much?

A woman asked on the internet forum Mumsnet, the most popular parenting site in England, how much toilet paper the other users would consume per week – and at the same time opened a big debate on how many people were using toilet rolls


How many toilet rolls do you usually have a week?

The reason for her research was her apartment: "We live in an apartment with three people, in total we are two men and one woman. Each week I buy a package of toilet paper with a total of nine rolls – and we consume about 90 percent of Is this excessive? "

" Such a package would hold us for months. "

Reactions came at once and were in most cases critical: As British media reported, most could not believe a package of that size just a week. "There are two adults in my household. Such a package would be for several months," one user commented. Another reported that she and her husband and two children consumed a maximum of two to three roles per week.

The searcher also understood that "there are seven people living in my household ̵

1; and our consumption of toilet paper is just crazy. I buy a six pack on Mondays and have to deliver it again on weekends," another mother said while one-third responded : "Oh my God, we are three of us and we consume one and a half rolls of toilet paper – per day."

Quality vs. Quantity

A user also contributed to the discussion in a constructive manner and pointed out that he prefers The brands that have a particularly high number of layers and are therefore more resistant.

"I only need two pieces each time. If I am not at home and need to resort to cheap, thin toilet paper, it will soon be ten pieces per drought, "the man says. Smaller would not work, because then the paper strips would tear quickly and stick to places "where you prefer not to keep toilet paper".

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