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20 minutes – Alec Baldwin fears revenge from Trump fans

Actor Alec Baldwin worries about the safety of his family. The 60-year-old actor told the podcast platform Dworkin Report. The trigger was a tweet that Donald Trump had answered on the day after the broadcast on a "Saturday Night Live" sketch of Baldwin.

The US President accused NBC's responsible transmitter of the false news, talking about "attacks on the Republicans" and asked how those responsible could "get away without punishment."

A little later, Trump duplicates with a second tweet. In it he described in large letters the media as an "enemy of the people". The US president had used this Nazi term several times in connection with media companies.

Baldwin, who often played Trump for Saturday Night Live (SNL), told the Dworkin Report that he was worried that the tweet might trigger a "backlash" from the president, he had been asked many times if he was afraid of a revenge. "I always denied it, I didn't think it was possible. But after this comment I have to rethink."

Baldwin said he still feared no retribution from the government or from Trump, but from his supporters: The President signals their fans become "angry and bitter" – "The deeds then happen by themselves".

Death threats and package bombs

Baldwin's fear is not entirely unfounded. In August, an American was arrested after threatening to kill several TV channels. In a threatening phone call to the Boston Globe, he said, "You are an enemy of the people, and we shall kill each of you!"

In October, a Trump supporter sent 16 packet tube bombs to famous critics of the president. Commenting on the missing bombings, Trump blamed the media for pushing the political climate in America.

Reply from Trump Junior

Currently, it is unknown whether Alec Baldwin will continue his drumming with SNL. He had wanted to retire with Trump before the last national skill sketch, not for safety reasons, but because he thought the joke was dead.

In a tweet via @ABFalecbaldwin (Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation), Baldwin addressed himself directly to the president of the United States. He wanted to know if Trump was aware that his allegation that he was a comedy enemy was a threat to Baldwin and his family.

The answer did not come from Donald Trump, but from his eldest son Son, Donald John Trump Jr .: "Save us your shit, Alec!"


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