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1800 seniors convicted of traffic violations – Sunday newspaper

Elida is not yet 20 years old. In Lenzburg AG they want to cross the main street, correctly, on the pedestrian strip. Then they are caught by a Volvo and towed away. In critical condition she comes to Spital, so she experiences little later on in her injuries.

Der Lenker is over 60 years older. He remains uninjured. On the way, he was under way, without driver's license, since the police had only recovered 80 km / h in the inner city. Later, he insists, Elida has not seen to have it. Because of the darkness and the rain.

The District Court of Lenzburg sentenced the 82-year-old this year for negligent killing. It belongs to the rapidly growing group of renters who violate the street traffic law ̵

1; in the last year 1802 people over 70 were convicted. One record and twice as many debt tests was 2008.

The State Prosecutor's Office is investigating the accident of a 74-year-old. Your car arrived at Flims from a narrow mountain road last August and exceeded many times. The steering wheel survivor – your son at the driver's seat is still dying in the accident.

At Aargau, the authorities are again conducting criminal proceedings because of negligent killing and negligent serious bodily injury. It is believed to be a 39-year-old tourist from Greece. In Fuss, the woman was underway in Bad Zurzach last December when she caught a 71-year-old with his delivery van on the sidewalk. BfU) gives specific reasons for the increase in condemnation. Some newly created traffic areas, which are causing many pensioners problems: "Previously, for example, there were hardly any beginnings zones and many fewer circles," said Karin Huwiler, expert in the area of ​​street traffic. "It is possible that Concerns are making a mistake here in progressing as a boy, who learned it from beginning and so forth."

An analysis of the accident statistics of the Federal Office for Strassen (Astra) by the Sunday newspaper says: in Switzerland an older car driver suffered a serious accident. For 2018, the database lists 315 events involving heavy casualties or deaths in which an over 70-year-old person is under fire. They often mistook the traffic rules or were inattentive and distracted.

In the public focus, the old people hardly stand. Instead, in October, young traffic makers made headlines that rested or caused damage with PS-strong sports bolids. This assessment points out that motorists between the ages of 18 and 24 were responsible for only 238 serious accidents in 2018.

Pro residents, as a casualty, are still lying in an accident. 3.6 serious accidents last year reached 10,000 people between the ages of 18 and 24. However, the accident rate for these years has halved as the data has been recovered since 2011.

In contrast, older motorists are not less dangerous on the road than before. They came to 2.7 heavy events per 10,000 residents in the last year over 70. If the trend remains stable, seniors will soon have the highest rate.

Experts believe that more seniors have the driver's license. Thus, the number of handlebars exceeds 70 and this also increases the accident rate. The picture remains the same when you consider the number of executives. Even per 10,000 driver's licenses, junglers lie in severe and fatal accidents today, even just before vehicles over 75.

"I had three times checked this check and found on my own body that age 70 is significantly too early." Deputy SVP National Council Maximilian Reimann

In Latvia, the driving test sometimes lies for a long time. The Astra database says: The oldest accident driver in 2018 was 100 years old. Caused in Lucerne during the influx of drugs into park damage. In Oberengstringen ZH injured a 97-year-old steering wheel light. And in Vernier GE, a rectifier trigger was discontinued because he had missed a mark. He had his driver's license in the summer of 1947.

More and more handlebars over 70 mice had to intercept the vehicle. 7446 Expulsions were last year, and this is also a doubling compared to 2008. The most frequent withdrawals were due to illness and illness. One clue is that the "traffic medical checkup" works well. Until last year, these old checks for motorists from 70 were mandatory. Every two years they had to investigate. However, at the beginning of 2019, the parliament has attracted the ranks – although the share of seniors and serious accidents has increased steadily. New car drivers obtained a check offer from 75.

"I had three times completed this inspection and recognized on my own body that age 70 is essentially too happy," said the resigning SVP National Council Maximilian Reimann. He hated that elevation. «Age 70 comes from the middle of the last century, since the seniors have been physically and mentally fit for at least six years longer. Ebenso is much easier to drive today. »Seniors from Germany, Austria or France need additional checks on the street here. For Swiss, the "state aid" hung. The fact that quotas are causing serious accidents does not make Reimann look out for himself. "In this lettuce salad I may not have more."

"A nightmare is it is not safe to check regularly." Dr. Matthias Pfäffli, Swiss Society of Forensic Medicine (SGMR)

Diplomatically remains the Astra. "The Federal Council was against an increase in the limit," spokesman Thomas Rohrbach said. "The decision of the parliament has been decided differently and now so to do." It was observed who was developing the halls.

Current data from the cantonal street traffic department let Bose get out. During the first half of 2019, they have taken away more drivers than in the spring period. Calculated for persons between 70 and 74 years, the number of withdrawals increased by 20 percent. These are exactly the years that did not need more control over the current year.

Does the increase in the age limit ensure that fewer eligible seniors are recognized and removed from the traffic? "The suspicion is certainly justified," Dr. Matthias Pfäffli from the Swiss Society of Forensic Medicine (SGMR). "I see at least no other reason why the number of withdrawals dropped by 20 percent in this age class." The SGMR was, by contrast, an adjustment of the age limit. "There is still no study in Switzerland, which has examined the effectiveness of traffic medical examination in old age. A downside is that it is not safe to check regularly, "Pfäffli says." 1963 When the handlebars themselves hardly notice that they do not hear more than the control. The insurance AXA conducted in 2017 a representative survey by pensioners. "They estimate the likelihood of passing a bug could be relatively low," said media spokeswoman Anna Ehrensperger. "Furthermore, an accident assessment states that the injury rate is continuously increasing for seniors over the age of 70." and traffic accidents. Without sacrificing, they too often become victims. “Reasons why seniors are hurtful. In addition, they are mainly in the inner city and on the country roads, where there is more frequent accidents. ”

Two weeks ago, the BfU published a report on the accident of 2018. "The danger, lethal to decay, is highest among seniors from the age of 65," he insists. The number of deaths per 10,000 personal injuries was said to "increase with the other traffic controllers on the three-way traffic".

Frequently, it deals with self-incidents. In Vex VS, an 84-year-old with a car crashed down, in Moutier BE for a 72-year-old in a house wall. A 84-year-old again at Ermatingen TG in the Lake Constance. In Luterbach SO and Genthod GE, motorists over 70 collided with one fence and one tree respectively. All handlebars have been dead for the last four weeks. No extraordinary hoax, but sad reality on Swiss streets.

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«Those affected are sent there, to display signs» [19659031AccordingtoDrWettsteinfeelsmanyseniorswithoutmycararenolongerautonomous

Albert Wettstein was Zurich city physician for 28 years. Photo: Doris Fanconi

Who is bringing their own grandmother that she should not drive any more car?
If you suggest alternatives. It gives friends and neighbors who can drive. Or the electric car, which runs a maximum of 12 hours, was good for the purchase. Who has no car anymore, that also saves money and can rent taxis or driving services like some of the Red Cross.

So easily let seniors barely recover from tax.
Indeed, many are stubborn. It was understandable because the Abgabe des Führerscheins was found to be a major entry in independence. Currently, a generation is coming into retirement, with almost all men and women driving their entire life-long car. On this autonomy they do not want to give up suddenly.

Are there many parents who continue in spite of expulsion?
Davon is able to extract. At least I already had such cases. A retired professor, who, after a trifle accident, the ticket is taken away. They continue until I take the key away. Then she went to the auto mechanic and got a new one. The example says: Those affected are usually finding it smart, new ways to drive, but still driving.

Most exits were withdrawn because of illness. Why is it concrete?
Almost all of dementia. They affect the space sensation and the decision-making ability, both important factors for safe road traffic. The problem is that this disease is often recognized late. Those concerned are not themselves, therefore, to be told. They have been sent to trust signs. Finding reasons when it came to an incident.

Should related cases be reported in the canton?
If it is urgent and you worry about yourself, then it is safe. But otherwise I would be reluctant. Affected persons may feel it as a breach of trust if they report to a family member at the office. I find it better to go to the family doctor. This can pass the usual tests. And go to the street traffic office if the patient is really not very well-traveled.

Even home physicians do not want to get better with the knowledge. Do they report such cases consistently?
Deleted knowledge does not provide anything. From my contacts with the family physicians, I know that most of the public perception is not due to vehicle contemplation on the slight shoulders and consequently on the return of the vehicle. And if this is not fruitful, report the Strassenverkehrsämtern.

Roland Gamp

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