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14 options for Jets only: Lufthansa withdraws with Boeing 777X

The date of the first delivery of the Boeing 777-9 had recently been postponed several times for Lufthansa. Now the airline is converting some of its orders into alternatives.

In the fall of 2013, Boeing and Lufthansa announced that the German airline had ordered 34 copies of Boeing 777-9, making it one of the model's first customers. However, the US aircraft manufacturer could only register 20 of the 34 aircraft properly in the order book, until until recently the order confirmation from Lufthansa's supervisory board for the other 14 jets was missing. Now the airline is taking another step back.

"During the third quarter of 2019, the 14 B777 orders were contractually converted into options under new aircraft orders, for which it will no longer be sufficiently secure if they will be exercised in the future," Lufthansa writes in its interim report for the first three quarters of 201

9. Since the 14 aircraft were never a confirmed order, you cannot speak of a classic cancellation, nevertheless Lufthansa's conversion to alternative bad news for the model, which did not go very well in recent times.

Deliveries deferred to 2021

The first flight of the 777X, which would be available as 777-9 and less 777-8, was always pushed back, first there was a problem with the new giant engine GE9X, a component on the front of the compressor showed signs of premature wear and must In September, there was another setback. A cargo door was driven out of the fuselage in a static test aimed at a prototype yp outside the allowable limit.

According to Boeing's latest figures, the first flight is scheduled for early 2020 and first shipments in early 2021. In fact, Emirates is the first airline to take over the first 777X in June 2020. Lufthansa had also expected to get its first Boeing 777- 9 summer 2020. This date will not be postponed until the end of 2020. Meanwhile, Lufthansa will at least be ready sometime in early 2021.

Skeptical chief skeptical

"We plan to use the first Boeing 777-9 aircraft in Frankfurt, "Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr said in March. They will replace the four-leaf Boeing 747-400 there. In addition, the airline will introduce its new Business Class with the new model. "Lufthansa has unveiled one of its best kept secrets and demonstrated the concept of the brand new Business Class," she said in 2017. "It will go into regular service with the delivery of Boeing 777-9 from 2020," was the plan at that time.

In an interview with aeroTELEGRAPH, leasing company Air Lease Corporation CEO John Plueger was recently skeptical of the 777X, "We have some concerns about the engine and the final certification of the aircraft," says Plueger. But airline customers' interest in the plane seems manageable. You haven't ordered any 777X yet, Plueger said. "We would need a larger number of airline customers who have chosen 777X."

Lufthansa receives 787-9 and more A350

In March, Lufthansa announced the order for more long-haul aircraft. 20 Boeing 787-9 and 20 other Airbus A350-900s would replace four-engine aircraft in the Lufthansa Group's long-haul fleet, it said. These new aircraft are expected to be delivered from the end of 2022 to 2027.

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