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Three-dimensional map: We live in a distorted world

For the first time, scientists have created a three-dimensional map of the Milky Way

Starting from 1,339 light-intensive stars, Australian and Chinese astronomers have created the first three-dimensional map showing the true shape of the Milky Way, how our galaxy really looks. The result is surprising in that the shape is distorted in relation to how we normally think it.

"Normally we think of spiral galaxies as quite flat, much like the Andromeda galaxy that you can easily see with the help of a telescope," one of The researchers behind the study, Professor Richard de Grijs at Macquarie University in Sydney, in a press release. however, the Milky Way is not at all as flat as previously thought, but is distorted in an S-like shape. The mapping also shows that the appearance of the winter street is not stable, but that it is becoming increasingly distorted.

The stars from which the researchers based are so-called cepheids, that is, stars that are up to 1

00,000 times brighter than our own sun, but whose brightness varies in a specific way.

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