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The victory was what Tottenham needed now

Tottenham had problems in their first Champions League match against Olympiakos. Then they also had problems against Leicester in the league and Colchester in the league cup. Then came a tight victory against Southampton before driving right into the wall against Bayern Munich and lost by 7-2.

Do I need to keep telling you that you also lost the upcoming league game by 3-0 against Brighton?

Last year's finalist in this tournament, this season has appeared as a team that is dangerously close to falling right out for a dive and just continuing to fall into a bottomless darkness that will be hard to find out.

But this victory certainly gives a well-deserved motivation boost.

The development has stopped

Mauricio Pochettino has undoubtedly done a fantastic job with Tottenham. They have played fine football and performed well beyond their expected ability, he took them back to the Champions League and they went all the way to the final last year.

They have become a top team to really count on, a title candidate before they were really ready.

But the development has also stopped. And it's no wonder.

That both coaches and key players have been away is no secret. That the situation with Christian Eriksen who was going to Real Madrid all summer but never got there has become problematic for Pochettino is also not news. And it goes without saying that those factors can create uncertainty in a squad where everyone is expected to work for each other and pull in the same direction.

When Tottenham played 1

-1 against Watford this weekend, it was bad throughout. After only a few minutes, they had let in goals against the league's least dangerous team, and in addition, they had desperately hard to get a hole in what is also the league's worst defense.

Pochettino has tried and tried and tried this season, but in the league they have not managed to win more than a third of their matches and in the Champions League, before the home game against the Red Star, they put themselves in a disadvantage.

Controlled victory

And here it looked quite different. Spurs came out with both motivation and energy and made it 2-0 before 20 minutes. A nod on a corner, a half volley right up in the net roof and it was total control in pretty much the match throughout.

In addition, the away team bid 3-0 before halftime and the match ended 5-0.

A controlled victory in this situation, despite it being against a Red Star who is not only worse on paper but also totally unhappy at away plan, can be a vital mental victory.

But it is not only the mental and group dynamic aspects that have played into Tottenham's long suite of weak efforts and results.

No one has missed the fact that the club has been low with acquisitions in recent years, and then the following should not come as a shock, but it is nonetheless remarkable.

If you turn back at four years Pochettino still works with essentially the same player. Three of the players in what is reasonably an ordinary starting eleven are exchanged, the rest are the same who played 0-0 against Liverpool in October 2015.

Compared to Liverpool, you can draw pretty bleak conclusions from that fact, almost no matter how much one can point to different conditions on the right and left.

Tottenham has not worked well enough in the scenes in recent years and the performance on the pitch has made up for it.

But with an unmotivated squad, it becomes difficult to continue to make up, no matter how much quality it possesses.

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