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The new space series “Away” takes us on an epic journey | MovieZine

Netflix’s lavish space series “Away”, starring Hilary Swank, will premiere in early September.

In early September, Netflix will finally let us take part in Hilary Swanks, the two-time Oscar-winning actress, traveling to Mars in the space series “Away”. The series is created by Andrew Hinderaker (“Friday Night Lights”, “Parenthood”) and will focus both on Swank’s space travel, but also on how her family back home on Earth is affected by it in different ways.

Swank plays the American astronaut Emma Green, who has been commissioned to lead the international crew during Earth̵

7;s first manned trip to Mars. If everything goes as planned, they will be gone for three years … in the brand new trailer (below), however, it is clear that we will feel both drama and excitement during the first season.

The space has always been exciting for film and TV creators to put their teeth into and over the years we have had a bunch of absolutely fantastic films. But on the TV side, except for last year’s “For All Mankind”, it has mostly ended with half-hearted horror movies where the crew has killed each other for one reason or another. “Away”, on the other hand, seems to really try to keep the story as close to our reality as possible, which makes it one of the most exciting space series in a very long time.

In addition to Hilary Swank in the lead role as Emma Green, Josh Charles, Talitha Bateman, Mark Ivanir, Ato Essandoh, Ray Panthaki, Vivian Wu and Monique Curnen also appear in some of the major roles in the first season. The Swedish “The Witcher” director Charlotte Brändström directs two of the series’ episodes.

The entire first season of “Away” will be released on Netflix on September 4.

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Will you give “Away” a chance in September? Feel free to comment below!

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