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The government calls the SCB chief: "It is serious"

by John Granlund Olof Svensson

Joakim Stymne is the Director General of the fake Statistics Statistics.

Now he is called to the Government for talks about the scandal:


1; I think it is serious and I assume that Statistics Sweden will rectify this, says responsible Minister Lena Micko (S) to Aftonbladet.

Aftonbladet today reveals how the multinational company Evry could force incorrect unemployment figures to Statistics Sweden

– It is clear that the press from the company stimulates cheating, says one of the low-paid telephone interviews to Aftonbladet.

The figures are crucial decision-making instruments in the state apparatus – and a direct consequence is that Sweden's GDP can be counted in almost two years. back in time.

Photo: Pontus Lundahl / TT

Joakim Stymne, Director General of Statistics Sweden. director Joakim Stymne up to the government for talks.

– Due to Aftonbladet's tasks, I will call the Director-General for a meeting, says Minister of Civil Affairs Lena Micko.

The meeting will be held as soon as possible. The purpose is for the Minister to have an account of what Statistics Sweden is now doing about the situation.


Evry's call center is located in the basement of the head office in Solna.

– Statistics one must be able to assume is correct. I think it is serious and I assume that Statistics Sweden will rectify this, says Micko.

The boss is inexperienced – is at a conference

The statistics that make up the LFS survey are very important for the government, says Micko, adding that it is of great importance that the figures are correct.

– As far as GDP is concerned, the government has continuous work on revising the data, but of course Statistics Sweden is an important source of that as well. So it's serious.

Do you have confidence in Joakim Stymne?

– Yes, but I assume you take your responsibility.

Aftonbladet has sought Joakim Stymne for a comment. But according to administrative staff at Statistics Sweden, he is not detectable on Monday because he is at a conference.

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