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Test of Apple's new wireless model

The new wireless handsets from Apple receive a high rating from Macworld, although they are not considered the most well-liked handsets you can listen to.

They are also the first to feature a feature that lowers the background noise. [19659002] But the grade is increased because they are so easy to use, almost carefree, oh sit so good in the ear, according to the test.

"Above all, they are so easy to live with that it's hard to go back to anything else after using Airpods Pro," Macworld writes .

Noise reduction is big news

The handsets come in a charging case that can fit in your pocket. The ear tips in silicone make the handsets more tight-fitting and less likely to roll out of the ear during, for example, hard training. The earbuds come in three sizes to fit well.

According to Apple, the promo model also has a valve system that will even out the pressure and reduce the discomfort that in-ear headphones can cause.

This will provide deeper bass in The music you listen to and better isolate sound from the outside.

The big news is active noise reduction where Airpods pro uses two microphones together with advanced software to turn out unwelcome sound. 200 times a second the headphones adjust the sound to block background noise.

The noise reduction is activated by pressing a marked surface on one handset. But they sound good enough, much better than regular Airpods.

The fit is superior

On the other hand, you can find handsets from other manufacturers with better sound for the approximately SEK 3200 that Airpods pro costs (ordinary Airpods cost about SEK 1

600 Macworld.

Those who make the top model worth investing in, if you have the money, are the fit Macworld thinks.

However, Apple has done nothing about battery life, which is OK but no more. With a fully charged charging shell, you can listen for a total of 24 hours.

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