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Tesla’s shareholders’ meeting: Elon Musk summarizes the year 2020

Tonight, Tesla opened its annual meeting for shareholders and the subsequent Battery Day event. During the share meeting, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk summarized the year.

– It has been an incredible year, thank you for your support. Thanks to everyone who bought a Tesla. It has been a good year and we have many good years ahead of us, Elon Musk began the meeting.

Among the highlights of the year, Elon Musk mentions the new factory in China, which was inaugurated at the beginning of March this year. The factory was built in an incredible 15 months. The plan is to continue the expansion of the factory and eventually produce one million cars a year.

The second highlight of the year is the volume production of the Tesla Model Y. Elon describes the Model Y as the smoothest launch ever and a proof that Tesla is starting to become good at building cars. “Although it is easy to build a prototype, it is an incredible challenge to scale up to full-scale production,”

; says Elon.

The third highlight of the year to four quarters in a row with positive results. Challenges ahead are to shorten delivery times. If Tesla can shorten the time from ordering, manufacturing and delivery to the customer, Tesla will be able to increase profits even more, Elon explains.

One way to do this is to build new factories closer to the customers. Therefore, continued expansion of the factory in China and completion of the new factory in Europe is of the highest priority.

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