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Suspected horse plague in Uppsala – Agnes, 28: Terrible

When Agnes Mårs, 28, was to look at her stall that was about to fall, she discovered an unknown man in the stable.

– I was completely shocked when I watched the movie what he was doing. It does not feel safe, says Agnes Mårs to Aftonbladet.

On Tuesday afternoon, the police confirmed to UNT that they had arrested a person reasonably suspicious of animal wreckage.

It was at half past time the night of Tuesday as Agnes Mårs, 28 woke up. With a noise that is about to fall, she has been alarmed once a hour to be ready when it is time. In the stall there is a camera mounted to easily see how it stands with the horse.

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Agnes Mårs is shaken by what happened.

– I wake up and see someone in the box. Obviously I became sad. I called my dad who also lived in the yard and asked him to drive away the man, says Agnes Mårs.

But the man had disappeared from the farm. Agnes then went through the film and saw how the man put his hand into the stud.

– It's so terrible. Fortunately, she does not seem to be affected by it. He was still "cautious" with her and used no attachment.

Made the film on Facebook

She describes the man about the film as about 185 centimeters long, between 20-25 years old and with dark hair and beard. With the hope of finding the perpetrator, she has posted the surveillance movie on her Facebook page.

– It feels so unsafe. We live 30 meters from the stable and it is properly lit around, not far from a residential area, says Agnes.

Agnes Mårs believes the chances are good to find the perpetrator.

– I have received a lot of comments and notifications after I posted the movie. I hope there is somebody who knows who he is.

An assault for animal abduction

Following several tips and nominations from the public, the police conducted a search query on Tuesday. The award resulted in a person suspected of being abducted.

– We have been working intensively during the day and identified a person who has now been arrested, suspiciously suspected of animal wreckage, "said Lisa Sannervik, presidential spokesman at Uppsalapolis to UNT.

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