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Stefan Löfven on the shooting | Aftonbladet

by Anette Holmqvist Pär Karlsson

The weekend's shooting in Malmö has generated strong reactions.

Now comments Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, as before today he met the Chief of Police, the deed.


1; We have a serious situation, he says.

He also states that he has full confidence in Justice Minister Morgan Johansson, who is threatened by a distrust vote.

-year-old Jaffar to death at a pizzeria in Malmö. Another 15-year-old also suffered life-threatening injuries.

The council, one in the line of many shootings in the city, has generated strong reactions.

The police are now launching "Operation hoarfrost" to access organized crime at both regional and national levels. At the same time, the opposition will vote for a declaration of confidence against Justice Minister Morgan Johansson (S).

"Applies to working unknowingly"

Today, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (S) commented on the weekend's shooting.

What are you doing here and now to get control of the situation?

– We will continue the work that started during the last term of office. It is important to ensure that the police have more resources, therefore more police officers are trained. Only 500 police officers came out last week, more will come next six months.

– We tighten the penalty, we have initiated 50 penalties. We are ready to do more. Here and now, we ensure that the police at the beginning of next year will have the opportunity to read encrypted traffic, so that organized crime cannot get away with the conversations in that way. It is important to continue to work in a determined, methodical and determined manner.

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Is there any reason for you and your government to be self-critical?

– You should always try to do enough. We have worked from a few points of view, some things that must be in place. These are police resources, more police in the streets and squares. The police must get better tools. We tighten the sentence, which makes it full in both detention and prisons.

– But we need to do more in the area of ​​prevention, what we do to prevent the young boys from choosing the trajectory of the crime in this case. Then it is about the children to see their parents go to work, the school must work so that the young people want to become something, not sell drugs. It is an entire community's work.

Löfven in meeting with the National Police Chief

Stefan Löfven also met today with the Chief of Police Anders Thornberg, to inform himself about the situation.

– We do this continuously, especially the Minister of Justice and the Minister of the Interior. But I also do it at regular intervals.

Löfven also commented on the distrust that the SD should arouse against Justice Minister Morgan Johansson (S), who was supported by M and KD.

– He has my 100 percent support and confidence . I have something else to work on during my work day, my work day is occupied by cracking organized crime.

What is your message to all those who feel that ordinary citizens may soon be hit by a bullet or blasted?

– We have a serious situation, but it is also so that most people do not live under that threat. But it is important for us to crack down on organized crime, it is they who are largely responsible for this.

– I have full confidence in the police. It will require systematic, long-term vision and determination.

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