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Seashore on the Football Gala: Without the snack ice, the gala may have played its part

On Monday evening, the annual Football Gala will be organized, where this year's achievements in Swedish football will be celebrated and awards to Sweden's best players will be awarded. But it is rarely the awards themselves get the biggest headlines. Instead, it is usually what is said and done around those who get the most attention.

Håkan Sjöstrand found himself at the center of events last year since Diamond Ball winner Nilla Fischer emphasized her appreciation for pointing out the differences for male and female soccer players. The men's national team captain Andreas Granqvist expressed his dissatisfaction with the Swedish Football Association, including Secretary-General Sjöstrand, and said that the association had not been clear enough in the communication about his work on gender equality.

There is always a lot of talk about the gala, year after year. Do you still think the Football Gala plays a function?


1; Yes. The day it stops talking about the gala, then maybe it has played its part. We expect that there will always be drama all around in some way, says Håkan Sjöstrand. Headed in Stockholm. Instead, Granqvist, Albin Ekdal, Victor Nilsson Lindelöf and the other stars of Cyprus are preparing for the important European qualifiers away to Romania on Friday.

The players will attend the gala via video link in the broadcast. [19659002] – This gal has been quite used to dealing with various such situations over the years. Given that the gala is on different occasions from year to year. Sometimes such situations arise. Together with TV4, we see that it will be a great broadcast and a great set-up anyway, says Sjöstrand.

During the 2000s, both the Swedish Football Association and TV4 have faced harsh criticism for various things. In November 2011, TV4's then CEO Jan Scherman stepped onto the stage, in a self-proclaimed coup, in the midst of the tribute of the women's team that had taken the World Cup bronze in Germany.

Before the supposed tributes of the 2019 World Cup bronze team – Sweden's first Eight-year World Cup medal – emphasizes Håkan Sjöstrands that the spotlight should be aimed at the active.

– Of course, we want to focus on the tributes of the fantastic achievements that our football players have done during the year, he says.

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