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Right now: Noa is holding a press conference on gang violence

The National Operational Department (Noa) will present at the press conference the so-called special national event that was announced after the violent weekend in Malmö. The police went into staff position on Sunday.

Just before Saturday's shooting, when one 15-year-old boy died and another suffered life-threatening injuries, a powerful explosion occurred in the Hästhagen district. Police believe the blast may have been a misleading maneuver. A few hours after the shooting, a woman was badly beaten in the Perstorp district. The woman sustained life-threatening injuries and a 20-year-old man has been arrested.

A special national event means that the commander-in-chief ̵

1; in this case Stefan Hector, head of the operational unit of the National Police Department of the police – is given the power to make decisions and allocate resources more efficiently than in ordinary cases. The staff situation applies to gang crime throughout Sweden.

Earlier on Monday, the Malmö Police also held a press conference on the investigative work following the events of the weekend.

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