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Jonas Eika is called "author clown" – Culture & entertainment

Immediately after being nominated this year's recipient of the Nordic Council Literature Prize, Jonas Eika went hard on the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S).

"In Denmark, racism is both cultural and legal, in Denmark we are state racism, "Eika said in his speech at the Stockholm Concert Hall, where he also blamed the Social Democratic Frederiksen for taking over" the previous government's racist language and politics ".

He was also critical of the other Nordic countries and said he believed"

"Deeply Disagree"

Mette Frederiksen failed to applaud and explained at a press conference with the Nordic prime ministers the day after she disagreed. [1

9659008] I deeply disagree about the description of Denmark and the Nordic countries that formed the basis for the post, she said, explaining that she did not want to go to the pole emik with an award winner during an otherwise festive and enjoyable evening.

Her party colleague Rasmus Stoklund, responsible for integration issues, calls Eika the "author clown". ] "No"

Even surer is Pia Kjærsgaard, former party leader of the right-wing populist Danske Folkeparti:

"Skäms, Jonas. Abuse of the Nordic Council "reads her tweet.

" Skinless honest "

But Jonas Eika also gets support for his criticism. Uffe Elbæk, party leader for the Green and Social Liberal Alternative, and once Danish Minister of Culture, describes it as" politics directly from the heart. And skinless honestly. My generation has Carsten Jensen. The young people have Jonas Eika, "he tweeted.

Jonas Eika's short story collection" After the Sun "is described as social-critical science fiction and, in addition to the Nordic Council Literature Prize, has received three Danish literary prizes. Modernista publishes it in Swedish in March next year. .fbAsyncInit = function () {
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