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Greta, 15, school strikes for the climate

Today, Monday, Greta Thunberg begins ninth grade. But instead of going to school, she has chosen to sit outside the parliament and strike. Next to her, she has a sign with the text "School Strikes for the Climate."

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In front of her lies a bundle of paper that she handles for passers-by. "We usually do not do what you tell us to do. We do as you do. And since you're grown crazy in my future, I'll do it with "" it says on one side of the A4 paper. On the other hand, there are 22 facts about global warming and climate change. So far, some passers have stopped and brought a fact sheet.


1; No one else does anything and then I have to do what I can. I will be sitting here at school every day until the election, says Greta Thunberg.

Is there any reason you have chosen to sit here outside the Parliament House?

– Yes, politicians must take the climate issue seriously. The issue does not get the attention of the election debate as it deserves.

How are you starting to get involved in the climate issue?

– When I went to the 2nd, the teachers spoke about global warming and climate change and simple things you could do yourself, like turning off lights and using less paper. I thought it was weird that people could influence something as big as the climate, thinking that if that were the case everyone would talk about it – then that would be the most important question. But it was not. At home I started switching off lights and pulling out contacts and so on. My parents wondered what I was doing, so I started reading about the climate and got used to it. Then we read everyone in the family together and began to engage. (Greta is the daughter of Malena Ernman and Svante Thunberg, both active in the climate debate, reds.anm)

What do you think is needed for a sustainable future?
– People need to know about what's going on and that is a crisis we are in. If you ask someone on the street what the Keeling curve is, then the person probably does not know. If people know how serious it is, I think they themselves choose to engage in the climate issue, make their own sacrifices and vote for the best climate policy.

What sacrifices do you think more should do?

"It's about different privileges we have and things we think are self-explanatory, but as from an ecological point of view, it's unsustainable. Like flying, driving a car, eating meat and dairy products, shopping … But above all, many more need to get into the climate issue. Then you understand how serious it is and then you make sacrifices for yourself.

What do your teachers think about schooling for the climate?
– My teacher knows about it and understands them. But there is not much school can do, I will be sitting here regardless.

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