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Frankfurt's David Abraham ran down Christian Streich

Frankfurt's David Abraham ran down Freiburg's coach Christian Streich: Felt like being shot down by a buffalo

by Patrik Brenning

The Bundesliga between Freiburg and Frankfurt ended with scandal scenes and two red cards.

This after guests' team captain David Abraham thanked home coach Christian Streich.

– It felt like being shot down by a buffalo, Streich said after the game.

It was in the midst of a fierce receipt hunt that Eintracht Frankfurt's David Abraham lost his head at the end of the 0-1 loss to Freiburg.

After home coach Christian Streich, in an effort to mask, allowed the ball to roll past On the bench, Abraham stormed after and tackled the coach to the ground. Streich was lying in the grass while players and leaders on the home bench chased the perpetrator.

"Went too far"

A total of 19 people were on the pitch in the ensuing brawl and when the smoke had settled and the situation was videotaped, Abraham and Freiburg's substitute Vincenzo Grifo were evicted. The latter for having struck Abraham in the face in turmoil.

– Football is a contact sport and he is a very emotional player but today it went too far. It was like being overrun by a buffalo, Christian Streich said of the tackle according to Ekstrabladet.

Photo: Viasat

See the incident in the clip above.

Abraham also searched for Streich to apologize.

– He felt provoked, but that is no excuse, says Freiburg Sports Manager Fredi Bobic.

Now, a longer suspension for 33-year-old Abraham is likely to wait.

– The coach is sacred and this must not happen in football. He probably gets a long turn off, I don't think we'll see him again before Christmas, says TV expert Dietmar Hamann in Sky.