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Fever: Why is 37 degrees Celsius as normal temperature?

DOne year, among other things, has been about tenths. Fever is one of the clearest signs of covid-19. Anyone who has a fever should, according to the recommendations of the Public Health Authority, stay at home until you are sure that you have recovered and do not risk infecting anyone. In several parts of the world, including the French school Lycée Français Saint Louis in Stockholm, the spring term 2020 measured the temperature of students before the school day. The question is how reliable the method is.

Fever has interested me for a long time, because I never seem to have it myself. Almost never, at least. Only once in adulthood do I know for sure that I have had over 38 degrees. It went over after a few hours. But bad, more than what should be humanly possible tired and generally impaired, however, I often feel, even though the temperature stays below 37.5 degrees. Does my low body temperature mean I̵

7;m not sick?

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