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Cissi Wallin: I am being charged with slander

It was during metoo autumn 2017 that media profile Cissi Wallin posted an Instagram post accusing then-Aftonbladet chronicler Fredrik Virtanen of raping her in 2006.

Cissi Wallin reported Fredrik Virtanen in 2012 – but the preliminary investigation was dropped in lack of evidence.

After the noteworthy post, Fredrik Virtanen reported her for gross defamation.

Cissi Wallin: I will be prosecuted for gross defamation

Now it is clear that prosecution will be brought, writes Cissi Wallin himself on the Guard's site.

I will be prosecuted for gross defamation. A prosecutor, after a long and costly investigation into tax funds, has now chosen to bring charges against me. The formal lawsuit will come on Friday, but me and my legal representative Percy Bratt received the message today "writes Cissi Wallin. She goes on: ""

When Expressen reaches Cissi Wallin she says:


1; We have been waiting for this for quite some time and it has been a fairly lengthy and lengthy process that probably cost taxpayers a lot of money. So it was somehow good that a message finally came, even though it wasn't the message we had hoped for.

The media profile has not taken part in the lawsuit, which is expected to arrive on Friday.

– It's somehow the ultimate setback for metoo. All that nice thing we said really doesn't matter and it sends a signal to everyone who has been exposed to be silent. It's a bit like the whole Swedish metoo should be brought to justice, says Cissi Wallin.

Virtanen: "It feels very good"

Fredrik Virtanen says in a comment:

– It feels very good that this is probably the beginning of the nightmare ends.

On the question of possible resurrection in connection with the trial, Virtanen replies:

– I am not worried about protests. I think most people, including the media who in 2017 believed in her and republished these lies, and even her network-hate tail, have understood that the information was incorrect.

Prosecutor Daniel Suneson has told Expressen that notice will be given on Friday.

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