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73-year-old was arrested in Japan after meeting online

by John Granlund October 22, 2019 20:03 Jenny's 73-year-old mother traveled to Qatar to meet an American general. Then she disappeared without a trace. Now she is ill, detained and isolated in Japan. At the same time, her family is struggling to survive – and to understand what really happened. The American general called himself Steve Jonson and said he …

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The sea devours the beach – now the iconic lighthouse is being moved

With pondus, Rubjerg Knude looks out over the North Sea. When the 120-year-old lighthouse was built, it stood 200 meters from the sea and was a safe point for the sailors out on the sea. However, slowly but surely something happened. Sand grains For sand grains, the wind moved parts of the coast towards land and the sea became ever …

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Several people were hit by stolen ambulances in Oslo

by Christoffer Nilsson October 22, 2019 12:54 PM An ambulance has been stolen by an armed man in Oslo. Several are to be hit, police say. Police has confronted the perpetrator. Loading Live Experience Several people have been hit by a stolen ambulance in the area of ​​Torshov, Oslo, according to the NRK police. The police write on Twitter that …

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Juncker: First London, then the EU

Outgoing President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker. Image: Virginia Mayo / AP / TT Britain's parliament must do its first before the EU can even formally approve its exit agreement, emphasizes EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. – Now need we follow closely what is happening in Westminster. It's only London, then Brussels and Strasbourg, Juncker explains when the European …

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Expert: Russia already at war with Europe • Putin's plan

by Wolfgang Hansson October 21, 2019 22:18 MOSCOW. We have hardly sat down at the fashionable but a little old-fashioned cafe at the metro station Mayakoskaya when Vadim Lukasjevic leans forward and announces that he will now say something that will probably shock me. At least I am surprised. – We is already at war against Europe, he says. Although …

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