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AMD confirms – base sTRX4 is here to stop

With the launch of the third generation Threadripper processors, the new sTRX4 processor socket is also introduced. A socket AMD now confirmed will be relevant for a longer time. It may come as a disappointment to many, but third generation Threadripper processors from AMD will require a new processor socket. This means that compatibility between the new platform and older …

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At least 24 playable titles and a few surprises at this week's big Xbox event in London

On Thursday morning, November 14, X019 sets off. This year's edition of Xbox and Microsoft's big game show where fans, journalists and influencers from all over the world are invited for three days of intense gaming coverage. Microsoft is obviously sorry for the surprises awaiting, but there will be both xbox and PC games. New first-party titles will be announced …

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Test of Apple's new wireless model

The new wireless handsets from Apple receive a high rating from Macworld, although they are not considered the most well-liked handsets you can listen to. They are also the first to feature a feature that lowers the background noise. [19659002] But the grade is increased because they are so easy to use, almost carefree, oh sit so good in the …

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Bill Gates: Here's the miss that led Android to beat Windows Mobile

"I screwed up," says Microsoft's founder. He blames the death of Windows Phone on a competition case and a lost contract with mobile manufacturer Motorola. That Microsoft founder Bill Gates personally takes the failure of Windows Mobile is no secret. Earlier this year, he called the lost fight against Android his biggest mistake. During an interview at the Dealbooks conference …

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Unusual sky phenomenon today: Mercury passes the sun

It's been over three years since it last happened – and now it's time again. On November 11, Mercury passes between the earth and the sun, and the planet can be seen as a black silhouette against the large bright solar disk. The phenomenon occurs only 13 or 14 times each century. The Mercury passage cannot be seen with the …

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Google releases page for Google Stages – Mobile News

Google releases page with Google Stage Mobile News Android Auto Delays in Sweden Mobile News Google Chrome has a serious bug Mobile News Google Assistant gets more compact design in new update Mobile News Chromecast should get new interface Mobile News View full coverage on Google News Source link

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