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Filip Yifter-Svensson new reportage editor at Sydsvenskan Kultur

First, his new book about Malmö’s stand-up scene, “The Provocateurs”, will be published. Then Filip Yifter-Svensson takes a place as editor and cultural reporter at HD’s and Sydsvenskan’s cultural editorial office. Filip Yifter-Svensson, employee at HD’s and Sydsvenskan’s cultural editorial office.Picture: Peter Frennesson Welcome to the new job! What are the texts that HD’s and Sydsvenskan’s readers will be able …

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Book sales increased when the corona hit

As the corona pandemic swept across the country, book sales increased, according to a report from the Swedish Book Dealers ‘Association and the Swedish Publishers’ Association. Book sales increased by 7.4 percent in kronor, and 20 percent in number of copies sold, during the first months of the year. The changed lifestyles that the pandemic entailed are also evident in …

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This is how Telia and Viaplay will compete with Disney and Netflix

If the purpose was to show resilience, the timing was perhaps perfect. The day before, Disney had launched its new streaming package on the Swedish market with material from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. In the same vein, Apple had also announced that the company is starting to sell a package of movies, music and games. Then …

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P4 starts fundraising week with a live concert

This year’s fundraising week for Children of the World in P4 starts with a live concert with, among others, Sarah Dawn Finer, Benjamin Ingrosso and Petra Marklund. “I am very happy and grateful to be able to contribute to this important gala. It is so hard to take in when the children get sick and in this way we can …

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“Such is life” artist Anita Lindblom is dead

Became 82 years old ● Friend: “Be very caring” Of: Natalie Demirian Published: September 20, 2020 at 22.20Updated: 21 September 2020 at 00.17 Anita Lindblom has lived in France since the late 1960s. The artist Anita Lindblom is dead. “Such is life” artist turned 82 years old. – She had a wonderful, drastic sense of humor and was very caring, …

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Dance bastards? No, Swedes admire Denmark | Dick Harrison

Det was once a pfalzgreve named Karl Gustav. Thanks to his father’s marriage to a Vasa princess and his cousin Kristina’s favor, he became king of Sweden. After conquering the whole of eastern Denmark and making the Sound a border, he decided in the spring of 1658 to complete the work by physically wiping out the Danish empire. At first …

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