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Authorization to apply for minerals at Österlen is criticized – News (Ekot)

– It stands against all that Österlen stands for. Food, food production and the good life, "says Tomelilla municipality council, center party leader Leif Sandberg.

Tomelilla is one of the municipalities affected by the decision – and there has been clearly underlined in his referral to Bergstaten that there are major risks to environmental impact and that You do not want mines at Österlen.
The municipality of Simrisham, LRF Skåne and the County Administrative Board in Skåne also oppose an investigation permit.

Tomelilla and Simrishamn appeal the decision together.

It is a London-based company called Scandivanadium Ldt, which has been authorized to search for the minerals at Österlen. The license covers many substances such as iron, zinc, gold silver and vanadium ̵

1; a mineral that can be used for batteries that can store large amounts of energy from solar and wind power.

Two exploration permits are now granted and nine additional applications in the area are to be processed .

Decree on exploration permit according to the Mineral Law is taken by the Bergsstaten – where the chief; The mountaineer Åsa Persson emphasizes that there is a long way from the permit, to any drilling and mining – and that a permit is about the exclusive right of the prospector:

– An examination permit is no free card for anything, if you want to drill, you need more permission. The investigative license gives sole rights to discoveries if something is found, says bergmästare Åsa Persson.

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