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'Survivor: David vs. Goliath ': Nick on what we did not see in the final

He was a Thoroughbred. He was a Mason and a Dixon. He was a rock star. And now Nick Wilson can add one other moniker to his collection of titles this season: Sole Survivor. The 27-year-old public defender won Survivor: David vs. Goliath Wednesday night when he defeated Mike White and Angelina Keeley to take home the million dollar prize.

What sealed the deal for Nick? Did he think he was going to win or not? And is it true that he would have been the first person voted out of the game had Pat not been injured in an off-camera, out-of-game boat accident? We asked the newly crowned champion all that and more when we spoke after the big three-hour final and reunion. And he also revealed one big thing they did not show at the final tribal council.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Congratulations on winning Survivor ! How does it feel, sir?
NICK WILSON: Wow, thanks.
Yeah, I was doing, I'm doing Jeg har det bra, fordi jeg følte som om jeg spilte en bra kamp, ​​og jeg fortjente å vinne over nogen. But you'd be a fool or a Survivor Novice to not try to figure out which jurors were going to vote for which person. I felt good the whole time, but I still did the numbers.

Was there ever a point at that final Tribal Council where you saw the way things were going to say to yourself: I got this?
Actually , no, not at the final tribal because all three of us did a really good job pleading our case. The jury was a fantastic jury and did a good job of not showing any emotions one way or another for who they were thinking played the best game.

I think I was a little bit surprised by Christian's vote, but I do not blame him. Mike played a great game. Everything was fine.

Whom did you want to win the fire-making at the final four? Were you rooting for Mike?
Yeah, I was really in the moment. Watching it back now, Mike played such a good game but then I was relay hoping the Jabenis would be the final three, and maybe that was a misread on my part. It's so funny. I'm a fan and a critic as well, so I understand when you watch the show you think who should take to the end and who the jury is going to vote for and stuff. Men ute er det virkelig vanskelig å få en god forståelse om hva juryen tenker. And Kara was such a sweetheart and Mike was such a good player and I thought that either was going to be a threat to me.

If Pat does not get injured on that boat on day 3, do you go home First? Because some people from your tribe have told me that.
That's such a good question. Actually, [exec-producer] Matt Van Wagenen and I had a slight debate about that. I do not know. I'm so glad we did not go to that tribal council. I think it would not be me, but I'm just glad we did not have to go there.

But there's a good chance it's you, especially if Matt Van Wagenen is saying it! And to go from potentially worst to first shows you the unpredictability of this game.
Absolutely. And there's luck involved.

And there's your skill to turn that around.
Well, I appreciate that. Og det var nok mere vores debat. He said Survivor is a third luck and I said, "I think that's too high." But then he said, "Well, look at you. You would have been the first one voted out! "But absolutely there's certainly luck involved. And if you have another breath left in your Survivor life, you never know what's going to happen. Like, I could really have been the first person out. It is a real possibility. I'm not denying that. And now, I ended up winning!

It's so hard. If you had not won those last three immunity challenges, it's so hard. I do not really know, but I'm glad I did not have to find out. At the final tribal council, that question was asked. People asked "What if Nick did not win these immunities? Would he still be here? "And Mike said yes, that his final three were me and Angelina. But Mike is a player. If he is sitting there at the final five and say Alison wins immunity – I do not see how he would not consider voting me out.

I talked to Angelina about that. She was really wanting to play her idol in an effective way so maybe if Alison wins there, they gun for me and Angelina plays her idol on me. It's such a foolish game, you never know what will happen. I'm glad we did not have to find out, but I think I would have made it.

Speaking of Angelina's idol, you were shocked when Angelina asked you to help her improve her jury management so she could beat you at the end of Survivor ?
[Laughs] I was up for it. I love a good show at Tribal so I was like "Alright, that's fine by me."

When you were climbing that steps up the rock wall, and Angelina asked you to get down so she could retrieve that hidden Immunity idol, was there a part of you that thought about not getting down and just grabbing it for yourself?
No, I really wanted to climb it, grab it and give it to her. She found the clue, she found the ladder, she put the work into getting it. I was going to grab it and give it to her. But she asked to do it and I was like, sure. I do not care.

The season was truly a rollercoaster for you. We saw crazy highs and a few lows. What was your lowest point in the game?
I think my lowest point was when Davie got blindsided. That was my best friend from day 1. They only had so much time to show everything, and they did not show how close Davie and I were. Og þegar hann var blindsided það var eins og ég var besti vinur minn tekinn burt fyrir mig. And Mike and Angelina wrote his name down. So I felt lonely and, who can I trust?

It's been around seven months since you left the island, and you all talk and stuff so I imagine you had a pretty good idea that you had won.

It's a relief. Survivor ?
It's a relief. I felt like I won and was pretty sure that I had won. Men jeg var mer sikker på at jeg ikke kunne få hver enkelt stemme. I knew it was not 10-0. Mike played a great game, no doubt. Angelina, she was good too. So I knew I did not have every single vote, so it was a huge relief to see the votes read and I'm so glad I did not pass out or something.

Had you shared the story of your mother with Alle de deelnemers vóór dat laatste Tribal Council of was dat de eerste keer dat sommigen van hen waren gehoord?
Dat was een strijd voor me vroeg op. Siden vi var tildelt David-stammen, alle sammen følte en forbindelse på grund av vores kampe. So we would go around and say "So what's your David story?" And everybody would share their personal life stories and struggles, but that was one thing that was off-limits for me going into the game. I said, This is personal to me. I do not want to talk about what happened to my mom. That was where I drew the line, so the first couple of days, I was not able to bond with everyone because I was not willing to go there.

And then, after a couple of days I had time to process og vokser nærmere til disse menneskene, og når jeg først åbnede i den første episoden, frigjorde jeg nesten fra denne byrde jeg havde for år. Det var virkelig folk som kunne se den virkelige meg. Og ég held að ef það hefði ekki orðið af því, hefði ég sennilega ekki hef unnið og ég hefði sennilega ekki haft þá reynslu sem ég hafði. Så jeg føler meg så komfortabel med min kamp i livet og min historie, for at være i stand til at være der på slutten og bare bluntly si hva som skjedde – Jeg definitivt ikke prøvde å få jury stemmer for det. I was just trying to say, "This is what this game has done for me and this is the personal growth that I've experienced and it's a part of my Survivor story, no doubt."

Well , you used it in the perfect context in terms of how it weaved into your life and your story.
Yeah, I felt really bad afterward. Og en sak, de gjorde ikke show, jeg sa til juryen, "Look, I'm not looking for sympathy or nothing like that." And Carl interrupted and was like, "No, man. Do not even think that for one second.

They've had winners back before, as you know. Which leads me to ask: Would you do it again?
Yeah! Any time, any place. Find 18 to 20 people willing and I'm there. I'm a fan. I do not care what happens next time. I do not feel I have a legacy or anything. I just want to play Survivor . It's the greatest game in the world.

Also, make sure to read our full episode recap as well as intel from the host and four return players on NEXT season of Survivor . And for more Survivor scoop, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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