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Surveillance clips show Chinese billionaire with prosecutors

A lawyer for JD.com founder Richard Liu said Monday that surveillance video showing the Chinese businessman in an elevator and walking arm in arm with a woman who has accused him of rape gives another account of What Happened that night.

Two edited videos by Liu and his prosecutors were published Monday on a Chinese social media site. A lawyer for Liu also showed complete, uncontrolled surveillance videos to The Associated Press on Monday.

The law firm representing the prosecutor said that the video is consistent with what she told law enforcement and was alleged in a process filed last week against businessman and his company.

One of the online videos shows the couple leaving a group dinner in Minneapolis on August 30, with the woman going up to go after Liu gets up and then following him out the door. The second video shows the woman who stays on Liu's arm when they go to their apartment, where she says he raped her as she asked him to quit.

Liu, founder of the point-based e-commerce site JD.com, was arrested August 31 in Minneapolis with suspicions of a crime ban, but prosecutors announced in December that he would not receive any criminal charges because the case had "deep evidence" and that was unlikely to prove their guilt without a reasonable doubt.

The woman, Jingyao Liu, is a Chinese university student at the University of Minnesota. She claims in her trial that she fell into Richard Li's limousine and raped in her apartment after a dinner at Origami, a Japanese restaurant in Minneapolis, where she says she felt pressured to drink when Liu and other managers roasted her. At one point, Richard Liu said she would abhor him if she didn't join, the trial said.

Richard Liu and Jingyao Liu are not related. The Associated Press is not generally alleged victims of sexual assault without their consent, but the law firm represents the woman saying she agreed to be named.

It is not clear who published the online videos, which were posted on Weibo in an account called Mingzhou Events. Content edited, but Richard Lius's lawyers in China confirmed their authenticity. The video contains the same images as the full surveillance videos that the AP has seen. The video does not contain sound, and they do not show what happened in Richard Liu limousine or in the woman's apartment.

Jill Brisbois, Richard Liu's lawyer in Minnesota, said in a statement to The Associated Press that the cliffs "further disperse the erroneous and false claims that have been made extensively and clearly support Hennepin County Attorney's" Office decision not to bring an action against our client. "

Brisbois said the video speaks for itself and shows events as they happen. While the woman has claimed that she was impaired and forced to drink, she seems to go without assistance and tie her arm with the businessman.

"The way described sounds so much more awesome than it actually is," says Brisbois of the dinner. "She's stepped up with him at every opportunity."

The lawsuit says that the woman went to her apartment building with Liu to be polite and respectful, and she thought he just walked her to the door.

The surveillance video of Jingyao Li's apartment complex that was shown to the AP was unchanged but packed to show 11 different camera angles during the current time period.

The video shows Richard Liu and the woman who goes from the car to her apartment building, and he seems to hold his arm when they enter. It shows that they go through several lobbies and take several lifts. In the beginning, Richard Liu is female assistant with them and Jingyao Liu leads the way. At one point, the assistant does not come on a lift with Richard Liu and the woman, and when they leave the lift, she has her hand through her arm and he has his hands in his pockets.

She leads him up a short staircase, then through another set of doors and continues to tie his hand through the arm. As they leave another elevator, she leads him down into a hallway to an apartment. She opens the door and enters, and Richard Liu follows.

In the video, recorded after the alleged attack in the limousine, the woman does not seem to be worried.

The second clip published online has video surveillance from the end of the dinner at Origami. It shows Jingyao Liu sitting at a table with other men, and Richard Liu is a few places away and seems to have an animated conversation with others. A man at the dinner party is random over and seems to go out.

Jingyao Liu is seen talking to the man next to her, and when Richard Liu goes up, she stands up and seems to follow. They talk when they go next to each other. Video from outside the restaurant shows that Richard Liu originally went in front of the woman and his female assistant. The woman picks up Richard Liu and he puts his jacket over his shoulders as they walk away next to each other.

The full video given to the AP shows the woman sitting next to Richard Liu during dinner and participating in some of the bowls, but shows no external signs of poisoning. At one point, Liu will enter the toilet and she will follow him and then return to the table together.

Text messages previously reviewed by The Associated Press and parts of the woman's interviews with the police show that the woman claims that Liu drew

There is no known video that shows that they enter the limousine.

The lawsuit says that Liu rapes her in her apartment, again over her protests and resistance. She talked to a friend, "I didn't ask him. But he didn't listen."

The alleged attack happened while Richard Liu was in Minneapolis for a week-long residency as part of the University of Minnesota Doctor of Business China Program. The four-year program at the University's School of Management focuses on high-quality executives in China and is a partnership with Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management.

Jingyao Liu is a Chinese citizen studying at the university on student visa and was a volunteer in the doctoral program while Richard Liu was there.

Richard Liu, known in Chinese as Liu Qiangdong, is a prominent member of the Chinese tech elite with a $ 7.5 billion fortune. He is part of a generation of entrepreneurs who have created China's Internet, e-commerce, mobile and other technology industries since the late 1990s. The son of prayer, Liu, built a Beijing electronics store in JD.com, China's largest online retailer, selling everything from clothing to toys to fresh vegetables.


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