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Supreme Court decision on Trump’s economy

The Supreme Court is expected to comment in two cases this morning on access to President Trump’s financial records. The court announced on Wednesday that today is the last day of the term.

The release of Trump’s financial documents before the election could be another bombshell for the president in an already dramatic year.

Here’s what you need to know:

What the cases are about: The cases deal with whether Trump can prevent the democratically controlled House of Representatives from getting his financial and bank records from his accounting firm and banks and whether the president can block a lawsuit from a New York prosecutor seeking his tax returns.

Downloads from the oral arguments: The court in May focused on Trump’s efforts to protect his actions, but they also gave attorneys to investigate the future and assess how a possible decision will affect the distribution of power and the White House’s broad claims of immunity.

Trump’s attorneys claimed that the parliamentary meeting was “outstanding in every respect” and they asked for “temporary presidential immunity” against a New York prosecutor’s office for Trump’s tax register.

“We are asking for temporary presidential immunity,” Trump attorney Jay Sekulow told the court, defending a New York lawsuit for the president’s tax register.

Delays due to Covid-19: The Supreme Court has taken an unusually long time to complete its term this year, with decisions in three cases still under wraps more than a week after the justices usually cleared their union for the season.

The coronavirus pandemic may be partly to blame for the delay. Already, the judges broke the tradition in May by holding oral arguments over the phone and sending them live as much of the country was under lock.

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