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Super Nintendo World Japan looks like a Mario level that dropped in reality

We may have just become our best look at the coming of Super Nintendo World, Nintendo and Universal Mariotheme for Universal Studios Japan – and it looks like a level picked straight out of one Mario games and dropped into the real world (via Input).

Seriously, take a little over a minute of your day to watch this video of the park, from Twitter:

It’s just a fantastic attention to detail. Coins rotate in sync! Hidden pipes! A threatening Pirhana plant! A bunch of Goombas! And angry Thwomp! Yoshi !! Each time I watch the video I see a smart new feature that I had missed before.

If you want to get an idea of ​​how great Super Nintendo World is (and how much of Mario universe is packed into it), check out this photo, shared in what appears to be a now-deleted Instagram post saved by Attractions Magazine. The amount Mario the goodness of this photo reminds me of one Where is Waldo Book:

Picture: Attractions Magazine

And to give you a better idea of ​​how Super Nintendo World compares to other attractions in the park, here’s a zoomed out photo that shows Harry Potter-home park nearby:

Picture: Attractions Magazine

However, we still do not know when people will finally be able to explore Super Nintendo World for themselves. The area was scheduled to open this month, but on Monday, the opening was delayed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Universal Studios Japan reopened in June, but with increased security guidelines in place.)

We do however, knows a few things about the country. There will be a tour based on Yoshi (if you look closely at the photos you can see how it looks like Yoshi-themed cars lined up) and one based on Nintendo’s hugely popular Mario Kart series. Visitors can also use a MarioThe theme bracelet is called “Power Up Band” in combination with a smartphone app to track your activities while in Nintendo themes.

Super Nintendo World is also scheduled for Universal Studios theme parks in Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore sometime in the future.

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