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Super Mario 64 Land takes Cat Mario to the 64-bit classic

On Sunday, November 10, Nintendo 64-mud Kaze Emanuar released his latest project: Super Mario 64 Land . This new mod adds new levels and features to the beloved Super Mario 64 – what appears to be a game's value of content.

The most important features of Super Mario [19659002] 64 Land appears to be a world map in Super Mario 3D World and new powers for Mario – obtained when carrying Tanuki and cat costume. There are also new worlds, including a Super Mario 64 level similar to Super Mario World .

According to the announcement video Super Mario 64 Land comes with 32 new levels, 70 different areas, 75 new music tracks, eight new managers and 1

0 new powers. While the game has many styles from different games and areas, the game still looks a lot like Super Mario 64 .

If you always wished Super Mario 64 had more levels, it might be worth examining Emanuars latest mod.

This is not Emanuars first rodeo with Mario mods. They also helped create a Super Mario Sunshine mod for Super Mario 64 . Emanuar recently released a Super Mario 64 cross Ocarina of Time courage as well.

To download Super Mario 64 Land you can follow Emanuar's download link in the video description.

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