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Sunken Russian warships from the Korean island can bear $ 130B gold value

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SEOUL, South Korea – A South Korean company's claim to find a submerged Russian warship has triggered the investor's frenzy among speculation that the ship carries a huge amount of gold when it fell 1

13 years ago. South Korea's Financial Controller issued a warning against possible investment losses.

The Seoul-based Shinil group said Tuesday that its divers discovered what a wreck it identified as 6 200 tons of Dmitrii Donskoi descending during 1904-1905 Russia's Japanese War from an Eastern Korean island. The company speculated about 200 tons of gold bars and Coins worth $ 132 billion would probably be on board the ship.

Shinil released images and videos taken by submarines that showed markings on the bill that the company said was the name of the ship in Russian. It said it hoped to accommodate the ship from its depth of more than 0.25 miles within a few months.

Other companies have made similar claims, but no one has taken concrete measures against wrecking. One of them, Dong-Ah Construction, was accused of spreading false rumors to support his stock prices and later went bankrupt.

Shinil was founded on June 1 with about $ 87,800. The company is unlisted, but its president has recently agreed to acquire shares in a local company, Jeil Steel.

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