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"Stranger Things" Street Matarazzo criticized for the new Netflix Prank Show

Actor Street Matarazzo who plays Dustin on Netflix S tranger Things has announced his new project with the streaming giant, which will be launched later this year. Prank Encounters is a hidden camera show where two unsuspecting people believe they start the first day of a new job. "It's business as usual until their paths collide and these part-time jobs become full-time nightmares," the press release says. The 16-year-old actor is hosting the show, while acting as an executive producer. Netflix has already ordered eight episodes of the series in collaboration with the production company Propogate.

On Friday, Matarazzo shared a link to the Deadline article via Twitter, which has received mixed reactions over the internet.

People have mentioned that the premise of the show is harmful and should be interrupted while talking to Matarazzo for to find another meaningful project. Others have criticized the show for especially preying on unemployed people who may really need to work.

With the success of Stranger Things and the series' third season approaching, Matarazzo is perhaps under greater scrutiny than other young actors at the moment. Neither Netflix nor the actor has yet answered the backlash.

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