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Storms leave deaths, injuries and injuries in their wake

Large storms, including at least one tornado, swept through parts of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic region, injuring homes and businesses and causing damage after storms in the south killed eight people.

Stormers who beat Ohio on Sunday and moved to New Jersey overnight to Monday with heavy rain, lightning, strong winds and in Ohio at least one tornado. The storms followed worse conditions that had swept across the south, dropping more than a dozen confirmed tornadoes and floods and killing eight people who injured dozens and flattened much of a Texas city.

In Shelby, Ohio, the National Weather Service said a tornado was moving Sunday. No deaths were reported, but Richland County governments said about half a dozen homes and businesses were injured and at least six people were injured in the city about 90 miles (1

45 kilometers) southwest of Cleveland.

The weather says that any tornado also swept through part of Clark County in western Ohio on Sunday, about 40 miles west of Columbus, and injured some motorhomes. There were no immediate reports of damage there.

Storms on Monday happened a tornado clock and flooded roads in some parts of New Jersey, causing a roof to collapse in an apartment complex in Camden, but no damage was reported. The weather disturbed the rail service in the mid-Atlantic region, causing delays in airports and leaving tens of thousands of useful customers without power.

More than 20,000 customers lost power in New Jersey when the storm hit, but crews could quickly restore service to most.

Vermont's officials say floods from spring rains closed a number of roads Monday. An Emergency Operation Center has been activated to help communities respond to the flood.

The weather service said Monday that an investigation team found evidence of an EF-3 twister with at least 136 mph winds near Weches, Texas and that two other minor tornadoes descended into the same region on Saturday. Another EF-3 Twister platform by Franklin, Texas.

The system moved east to the Mississippi, where weather service teams have confirmed eight tornadoes. And at least three weak tornadoes beat Alabama on Sunday.

Four people were killed in Texas. The other victims died in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

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