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Stop & Shop strike: Ray Bourque apologizes for crossing the picket line

Ray Bourque apologizes for a non-so-Hall of Fame moving in the eye of striking Stop & Shop workers Monday morning.

The former Bruins defense man was seen shopping at the Quincy-based grocery chain location in North Andover, despite the ongoing strike. In a widely shared video, workers outside the store called Bourque to cross their picket line.

"Shame on you" said one person and noted that Bourque, as a former member of the NHL Players Association, was previously in a union.

United Food and Commercial Workers Union, representing 31,000 Stop & Shop workers in New England, called the strike Thursday afternoon after the two sides could not agree on a new contract. The negotiations resumed on Sunday and were scheduled to continue on Monday.

"Seriously, Mr. Bourque? We honored you," told a worker Bourque, who did not listen audibly. "You could have gone to any supermarket."

Less than two hours after the video was published, Bourque apologized on Twitter and said he would join a Stop & Shop worker's picket line when an unspecified medical condition was resolved. [1

9659004] "Being a union hockey player for 22 years, I respect the unions and the work they do," he said. "I have a medical condition that I prepared for this morning and went incorrectly over the picket line at Stop & Shop."

The Hall of Fame hockey player also noted that he apologized "immediately" on his way out of the deal.

"I support Stop & Shop employees and when my medical conditions are busy, I plan to return to solidarity and will join the union members," he said.


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