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Stocks tumble as economic worries grip investors-four experts respond

It wasn't exactly a happy Friday.

"If Trump wants to be a two-semester, he must come to a trade agreement with China and then start lowering the tariffs across the board, which will accelerate this economy, which will lead to the rise of the CEO's confidence, resulting in the resumption of business investment, which has really been the missing the ingredient in this 1

0-year expansion, we have had so little business investment up to the end of the 17th and early 18th, but then talking and actual trading measures are talking about it, so I don't think that's all that is complicated. -the bear market in the fourth quarter was a political mistake of the Fed misconception, and Trump's … trade rhetoric turned into You take them back – we have already taken back the Fed, now you take back the tariffs – and I think this economy is in good condition and the bull market is in good condition. "

Jack Ablin, Head of Investment in Cresset Wealth Advisors, had his eyes on Europe:

" I think much of it depends on how much of the weakness from abroad begins to wash on our beaches. I think the Fed gets a feel for it, as [are] investors. We start by seeing the dollar click as a result of it, even though it is something of the move today. So the question is, are we still isolated? But I will say that the message [that] Fed [will be] standing pat for the rest of the year is second to none. It is something that perhaps [European Central Bank President] Mario Draghi would say, but not necessarily a Fed chairman. "

Citi's US stock strategyist Tobias Levkovich also took into account the macroeconomic layout:

" I'd rather prefer to be talking about better growth than Fed … dovishness, but it can also change over the next few months . We are still kind of suffering from some weak trends associated with trade-related problems that somehow increase some activity last year, and we see some of it falling off. In addition, some of the uncertainty in Europe prevails, partly because of Brexit but also some of the political considerations there. So they are in a new way. "

Kathryn Rooney Vega, Bulltick Capital Markets chief investment strategist, saw the drop as more feasible:

" I think it's time to make a profit, really. China's optimism is backed by the trade agreement. It is now increasingly consensus. This was our top recommendation coming in this year … and consumer discretionary in China, in Chinese stocks, is 32 percent higher. And I think it's really time to look at realizing the profits and putting the money at work in Latin America, which really hasn't seen such a steep appreciation as China. […] I would say that the United States and Japan look better than Europe, and … I think Europe is facing some serious headwinds. The only thing I like is the prospect of British assets in the event that we have a hard Brexit, which is not out of the cards. "

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