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Sterling K. Brown, Gabrielle Union for Leading All Black “Friends”

Now it’s Sterling K. Brown’s time to shout, ‘We had a break!’

The “This Is Us” actor – and Emmy nominee until 2020 after two previous victories – will play Ross Geller in a new performance of “Friends” with a completely black role.

Live on Zoom on Tuesday 22 September at 6 pm EST, fans of the hit NBC sitcom will see their favorite program like never before. The free event, hosted by Gabrielle Union, is in favor of When We All Vote, an organization that encourages voting.

Uzo Aduba, who just won an Emmy for his role in “Mrs. America, “will take the role that Lisa Kudrow created: Phoebe Buffay,”

; Today. “Actress Ryan Bathe, who is married to Brown, will take on the role of Rachel Green, who was originally played by Emmy nominee Jennifer Aniston in 2020. Aisha Hinds plays Monica Geller instead of Courteney Cox. Kendrick Sampson from” Insecure “and Jeremy Pope from Netflix “Hollywood” will play Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing, roles originating in Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry respectively.

The actors will take on one of the most famous “Friends” episodes, “The One Where Nobody’s Ready” from season 3. Ross has the gang to accompany him to an advantage at the museum he works at, and they can not be late. Monica pursues her ex-boyfriend, Richard, through her voicemail. Rachel can not decide what to wear. Phoebe spills hummus on her dress. Chandler and Joey fight over sofa cushions.

This is not the only “friends” gathering this week. At the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, Aniston, Cox and Kudrow reunited for a “Friends” theme.

Brown has also had his hand in reunions. The actor was spotted with actor “The West Wing” over the weekend, who reunited for a special on HBO Max. It will also benefit when we all vote.

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